Animal Kingdom (Unknowns)

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Voice of ducks doesn’t make echo and there I no one who knows reason of this.

The pigs can’t look at the sky anytime by raising up their heads because of their body shapes.

Only pigs can burn because of sun.

The giraffe doesn’t have sound wires.

The giraffe cleans its ear by its tongue.

The giraffe’s tongue is about a half meter.

zurafa Animal Kingdom (Unknowns)

Mice and horses can’t vomit.

A mouse can live more without water than a camel.

A snake can sleep three years.

The snakes can’t hear.

The sea cobra is the most poisonous snake all over the world.

Hedgehogs don’t sink into water, they swim on the on the contrary.

Polar bears are left-handed.

The speed of a fly is eight km/hour.

A fly has five eyes.

Only female mosquitoes bite.

Mosquito repellants don’t repel mosquitoes, they hide you. They block under standing you are there by blocking sense of mosquitoes.

The ants can’t sleep.

The sense of smell of an ant has improved at least as a dog.

An ant can carry fifty times of own weight.

An ant can live two weeks under water.

karinca Animal Kingdom (Unknowns)

The most dangerous animal all over the world is mosquito. Because it is the most animal that causes dying of people.

Dolphins sleep by one eye opened.

The camels have three eyebrows.

Camel can drink sea water also it can drink 250 liters water at one time.

The lobster’s blood is blue.

The butterflies taste by their foot.

The elephant is single mammals that it can’t jump.

Cattle have four stomachs.

The kangaroos can’t walk back.

Cats can’t distinguish taste of sweet.

The crocodiles can’t come out their tongue.

Zebra is black marked with lines on white.

The owl is single bird that can see blue.

There are about 2600 kind of frog.

A mature beer can run as a horse.

The biggest of animals is blue whale. (Length: 33 M, Weight: 190 ton)

mavibalina Animal Kingdom (Unknowns)

An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

The biggest bird egg belongs to ostrich. It is 15-20 cm length and average 1,7 kg weight. Boiling of it lasts 40 minutes.

The grasshopper’s ear is on knee.

A mole can dig 90 m tunnel only at a night.

A cockroach can live nine days after its head has broken out.

Bulls are color-blind. Because of this they attack cloth on matador’s hand color of cloth is not important.

Poisonous frog with arrow can kill 2200 people with its poison.

Penguin is single bird that can swim but fly.

The starfish don’t have brain.

Swallow with throat is the fastest bird of world. It reaches 128 km/h in three second.

A flea can jump 150 times height of own size. A person should jump 30 m to reach this rate.

Slugs have four noses.

Number of chickens all over the world is more than number of people.

Snails have about 25,000 teeth.

The crocodiles swallow stone to sink into more deep places.

Chameleon’s tongues are longer two times than their body.

Cats and dogs can be right-handed or left-handed like people.

These informations was taken from

The fastest animal of the world is fleas. The fleas can reach 500 mm distance or 300 mm height at one jumped although they have 3 mm height. If we think about human, we can spring 250 m distance and 150 m height. The fleas are record-breakup world. No other animal can’t jump on 100 times more distance and 30 times more height from themselves.

Thanks to Elif Karaoğlu for translation…

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