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Nile is the longest river in the world that its length 6,695 metres.
10 longest rivers in the world:
The smallest horse in the world was born in USA who was name Thumbelina. It is just 43 cm.
At most different language speaks in Papua New Guinea to all over the world. 869 languages, dialects and regional accents speak there.

Most powerful earthquake in the world in South Chile at May, 22, 1960, its 9,5 by Richter scale. Eight volcanoes impact, during the quake it’s to be tsunami and its pass to Pacific Ocean and affect to Hawaii and Japan.

The hottest place in the world is El-Aziziya in Libya. The highest temperature is 58 C.

The coldest place in the world is Vostok in Antarctic. The lowest temperature is -89 C.

The driest place in the world is Arica-Antofogasta (Pacific Coast) at Chile. Fall average: 0,11 per year.

The rainiest place in the world is Meghalaya at India. Fall average: 861 mm per year.

The windiest place in the world is Honolulu at Hawaii. Max. Recorded value is 380 kmh/236 mph.

Russia is widest country in the world. Area: 17,078,400 km 2.

Vatican is smallest country in the world. Area: 0,44 km 2.

Tallest mountain in the world is Everest in Chine (Nepal). It’s 8,883 m.

The widest non-stop border is between USA-Canada.

The capital of the Japan is Tokyo which has 35 million populations and it’s one of the biggest cities in the world.

The city which has widest ares in the world is Mt. Isa Queensland in Australia. It’s 25,427 km 2.

The highest settlement place in the world is which down 54 m.

The northest settlement in the world is Ny Aalesund city in Norway. It’s located on 55,1 C.

The southest settlement in the world is Puerto Williams city in Chile. It’s located on 55,1 C.

The widest suspension bridge in the world is Akashi-Kaikyo in Japan. It’s tie Kobe City to Avaci Island. Bridge was made 1990 m length, and after the Kobe earthquake in Jan, 17, 1995 its extended 1 m more.

The loneliest place in the world is Tristan Cunha Island in South Africa (There is no settlement).

The northest land piece in the world is Islet Odaaq its Greenland offshore.

The southest land piece in the world is South Pole Antarctic.

The biggest desert in the world is Sahara desert in North Africa. It’s 8,600,000 km 2.

The biggest Island in the world is Greenland. Area: 2,166,086 km 2.

The biggest continent in the world is Asia. Area: 44,391,163 km 2.

The biggest lake in the world is in Iran. Area: 371,000 km 2.

The highest flow waterfall in the world is Angel waterfall in Venezuela. It’s flow 807 m high.

The deepest cave in the world is Krubera in Georgia. It’s 1710 m depth.

The highest barrage in the world is Bekhme barrage in Iraq. It’s 230 m.

The longest tunnel in the world is Aki tunnel in Japan. 12,8 km its was opened on 1975.

The biggest tsunami was recorded which in Java Jumatra. It’s 35 m high. And 36,000 people were died of this affect.

The biggest transatlantic in the world is Titanic were sink when its first trip in April, 15, 1912. It was hit on iceberg and 1513 people died that crash.

The biggest tornado in the world is Cyclone in Bangladesh. 200,000 people lost their lives during the tornado.

The biggest pyramid in the world is Cholula de Rivadabia in Mexico. It was build by Aztecs and its settles 182,107 square meters and its height 54 m.

The highest archeological place in the world is Andes mountains, it’s between Chile and Northwest of Argentina. It’s up to second biggest volcano in the world. It’s height 6743 m.
World is most watery planet. Solar energy to evaporate ocean’s water, after that its turn back lands, rivers and oceans by rain. This rotation to continue millions of years and average 136 trillion liter water raining to land every single day.
The richest three countries in the world are Canada, Norway and USA. This three country’s income is much multiple 74 than 5 poorest countries in the world. The top of the richest list of Norway and USA, Sierra Leone, Niger and Ethiopia are last of the list.

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