Firsts Of The World

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(859) First university was founded by Emeviler in Fez city. It’s name Keyruvan University.

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(1280) First Glasses was made in Italy.

(1830) First sewing machine was designed by Barthelemy Thimonnier who was a tailor.

(1835) First computer was invented by Charles Babbage.

(1863) First subway (underground railway) line was started to service in London.

(1868) First traffic light was used before car, in London.

(1872) First officially mother day was celebrated in USA.

(1876) Tom Sawyer was the first book that writing typewriter.

(1876) First telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

(1879) First light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison.

(1895) First X-Ray was invented by Wilhelm Rontgen.

(1901) First radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi.

(1909) North Pole was visited by Robert Peary in first time.

(1910) First Father Day was celebrating in Spokane in Washington.

(1911) Ronal Amundsen was the first men to go South Pole.

(1926) First TV was invented by John Logie Baird.

(1938) First nylon was invented by Wallace Carnotlers.

(1939) First helicopter was invented by Igor Sikorsky.

(1939) First atomic bomb was invented by Otto Frisch, Niels Bohr and Rudolf Peierls.

(1944) First digital computer was invented by Harvard University.

(1953) The first men who climb to Everest are Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey.

(1958) First person was passed the Antarctica was English Vivian Fuchs.

(1961) First person who went to space was Russian Yuri Gagarin.

(1963) First woman who went to space was Russian Valentina Tereshkova.

(1965) First walking on the space was (Voshkhod 2) by A.A. Leonov.

(1969) Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon.

(1979) First CS was invented by Philips and Sony.

(1981) First PC was invented by IMB.

(1993) The first man who walked around the Antarctica is English Ranulph Fiennes.

(1997) First clone was done with sheep which name is Dolly.

First prime time cartoon is Flintstones in the world channels.

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Coca Cola was green color when the first time.

Thanks to Elif Karaoğlu for translation…

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